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Bring out your dead … Christmas Trees

I've noticed quite a few Christmas trees thrown places recently 🙁 It's not ideal now is it? No they shouldn't be thrown out in the normal waste nor should we burn them ... chipping them is a good option but not one most of us have access to. If you're around town...

Gilets Jaunes ACT VII Saturday 29th December

We're back and it's the first Saturday after Christmas and we're starting ACT VII of the Gilets Jaunes protests. Once again they seem to be splitting up into multiple groups potentially starting at 11 this morning with another protest kicking off at 14:00 ... Read...

Where to eat Christmas Day / New Years Day?

Not everyone is as great a cook as I am ... and modest too. (Just kidding, it just might not make sense to cook a big meal or you may not have an oven or you may just not like cooking. Most of my international students at the Ecole de Design won't be getting home for...

Day 24: Is Santa Free Today?

On a whim I decided to try to write one hopefully interesting blog post a day for 24 days. An advent calendar of blog posts if you will, but you know what? It takes time. It has just turned midnight and I'm going to write my day 24 post. It's going to be a bit of a...

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Day 12 – Ballet Dancer at the Nefs 2015
Day 12 – Ballet Dancer at the Nefs 2015

I feel like I'm cheating a little bit with today's post but it's a photo I took 3 years ago that I really love. It's of a dancer in a snow globe. It happened as part of the Noël aux Nefs in 2015. We all love snow globes right? Well this was a pretty cool experience....

Out and about!

Nandi’s Indian Restaurant in Nantes

Nandi’s Indian Restaurant in Nantes

It's not often we get out in the evening. Kids and lack of family close by tend to do that a bit. However it was a special occasion a few weeks ago, namely my birthday. I asked Val if she'd like to try Nandi's Indian and well I didn't need to ask twice. I've heard...

Kidney Bean Burgers

Kidney Bean Burgers

This is pretty much Jack Monroe's Kidney Bean Burger recipe from Cooking on a Bootstrap and I've tried it a few times now and it's definitely becoming a favourite around here. I only came across her site last year but she's got some great recipes and from the looks of...