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Congrats France on the World Cup Win

Congrats France on winning the World Cup yesterday and with the country gone slightly crazy last night this seems highly appropriate today 🙂 Of course it does require a small bit of understanding of French but I think I'd this much covered for the Leaving Cert that...

What you need to know for the world cup final!

Well I still don't know any of the players names but if you are planning on heading into Nantes tonight you've a few options ... (of course all the pubs are going to be packed but it'll be shown EVERYWHERE) There'll be a Giant Screen installed at the back of the...

Police Clashes after man shot dead in Nantes

It's not always good when Nantes is in the news. I suspect if you're out in the evenings in any of the hot zones you'll want to be careful as we've seen things flare in the past. Breil, Dervallières, et Malakoff. Link:...

A new lease of life for 15 places in Nantes

So in case you didn't know it there was a vote recently to decide 15 places to re-invent in Nantes. There were originally 81 projects at the end of January 2017 ... this was whittled down to 41 and from the 9th to the 23rd of June 2018 they were voted on. The winners...

Crescent Moon and Venus over Nantes
Crescent Moon and Venus over Nantes

If you look in the sky tonight you'll see a beautiful crescent moon and below it  on the right you'll see a pretty bright star ... except that's Venus. Beautiful to see. (Did I mention my...

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Out and about!

Yum Yum

Yum Yum

If you like Asian (Vietnamese) food I'm going to introduce you to another of my favourite places to eat in Nantes. It's called Yum Yum and yes it is Yum Yum!!! Located at 2 Bis Allée Flesselles it's very central (from Commerce head along the line 1 for 100 meters in...

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Do you Tu or Vous?

Do you Tu or Vous?

I've ended up seeing this image a few times over the last while and I thought it's worth sharing. Having to be formal and saying vous just goes against my nature. I might say sir or madame from time to time in English but it'd be rare. Hell the French even have a verb...