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Radioactive water in Nantes

We probably all know you don't swim in the river here ... it can be extremely dangerous ... Welll .... Well ... now there's even more good news!!! That's right there's tritium in the drinking water of around 6 and a half million people in France .. Update: Just to be...

Breaking News Heinz Baked Beans for less than a euro!!!

That's right folks!!! I'm writing an article on Baked Beans being on sale for less than a euro! Why? because I was shocked when I visited my local SuperU yesterday and saw them. Of course I checked the best before date as well and they are good for a year. The price...

First of May on the farm (à la ferme de la Pannetière)

Once again if you're looking for a nice day out this 1st of May .. you could do worse than spend part of it on the farm. Only problem if you're taking public transport is ... there probably won't be any. Want a little taste of what it was like last year?...

Festival Cinema Espagnol Nantes 2019

I always knew I'd have famous people on my blog one day! Yes I've got Javier Bardem on the blog. No ... I've got nothing to do with him but I've got him on the blog all the same 😀 I picked up the brochure for this about 2 weeks ago and completely forgot to post up...

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Day 12 – Ballet Dancer at the Nefs 2015
Day 12 – Ballet Dancer at the Nefs 2015

I feel like I'm cheating a little bit with today's post but it's a photo I took 3 years ago that I really love. It's of a dancer in a snow globe. It happened as part of the Noël aux Nefs in 2015. We all love snow globes right? Well this was a pretty cool experience....

Out and about!

Les Tables de Nantes 2019

Les Tables de Nantes 2019

It seems like only last year I was announcing the 2018 edition of Les Tables de Nantes ... ( oh yeah ) ... well it's back ... 15 new addresses (and I'm not a fan of two of them) , some major love for Muscadet! ... 3 new "fast" but good food places .. Vit' fait bien...

Scones in Nantes – Recipe

Scones in Nantes – Recipe

It's amazing how we can miss the little things. Oh I'll just grab a bag of scones from Tescos for breakfast. Not something you can do here so easily. Sure you can find them in a few locations but they generally cost an arm and a leg. They are however incredibly simple...