Bring Out Your Trees

It’s true the blog hasn’t been so busy recently but you can’t ever tell me I don’t give you the best local news 😛

Every year there’s always one person left wondering what on earth do I do with my Christmas tree!!!

Fear not!!! The Nantes Today investigative journalism team (me and my cat) are at it again.

The trees get recycled (shredded and used to mulch the city’s parks and garden beds)

1750 trees collected in 2017 … 4350 trees collected in 2018 … 4344 collected in 2019 … who knows what this year will bring between lockdowns / confinements. Any guesses on the numbers that will be collected?

So if you’ve got a car you can bring your tree to the decheterie if you don’t there may be a collection point nearer than you think

Saturday the 2nd to Monday the 4th January, from 9am till 6pm (Saturday from 2pm to 6pm)

  • Malakoff/St-Donatien : parc de la Moutonnerie, côté rue Francisco Ferrer,
  • Ile de Nantes : square Vertais, rue Vertais
  • Nantes Sud : Gymnase de la Ripossière, rue des Gobelets
  • Centre Ville : Place Maréchal Foch, côté cour St-André. Très fréquenté l’an dernier, ce point de dépôt sera ouvert jusqu’au mercredi 6 janvier inclus (9h-18h).

Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th from 9am to 6pm

  • Bellevue/Chantenay/Ste Anne : En face de la Maison de quartier Le Dix, place des Garennes
  • Dervallières/Zola : Marché de Zola, place Emile Zola
  • Breil-Barberie : Square Washington, place George Washington
  • Hauts Pavés/St-Félix : Place Viarme. Très fréquenté l’an dernier, ce point de dépôt sera ouvert jusqu’au lundi 11 janvier inclus (9h-18h)

Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th January from 9am until 6pm

  • Nantes Nord : Place du Baut, avenue d’Assise
  • Nantes Erdre : Gymnase Jean Jahan, route de St-Joseph-de-Porterie
  • Doulon-Bottière : Parc du Grand Blottereau, boulevard Auguste Peneau