The Coronavirus in Nantes

I’m going to try to keep this page up to date with some info for those of us living in Nantes at the moment.

Update: 25th March 01:21

New Travel Form has been released. It now requires you to fill in the time.

The New Coronavirus Lockdown Travel Form

Update: 18th March 14:09

Please note that you require a physical copy of your Attestation to be out and about. A digital copy won’t do. Sign and date it with a pen as the fine is €135 up to €375.

Coronavirus: Attestation de deplacement Update

Update: 17th March 07:50

Happy Paddy’s Day!

The Attestation de deplacement derogatoire is now online.

It looks like the site is under a lot of pressure as it’s taking a while to load

Attestation Screenshot

It’s pretty straight forward and I presume it’s meant to make you think about why you’re going out. You will require this form on you signed from midday today

Updated: 16th March 23:08

On the 16th of March 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to reduce contact and travel throughout the country to the bare minimum from Tuesday 17 March at 12 noon, for a minimum of fifteen days.

The following will be authorised with a certificate:

  • To travel from home to work when teleworking is not possible.
  • Shopping for basic necessities in authorized local shops
  • Going to a health care professional
  • Travel for childcare and support for vulnerable people
  • Exercise only on an individual basis, around the home and without any gathering

The certificate needed to travel will be available from the government website tomorrow, Tuesday 17 March.

To answer I don’t exactly know what this certificate is yet. It’ll be available tomorrow. I’ll update this page when I have more information. Other things were said in his speech and I’m sure there are many transcripts of those available. The main thing for me is travel without a certificate will not be allowed from tomorrow at noon. (It may simply be a self signed piece of paper it may be more)

Le 16 mars 2020, le Président de la République a décidé de prendre des mesures pour réduire à leur plus strict minimum les contacts et déplacements sur l’ensemble du territoire à compter du mardi 17 mars à 12h00, pour quinze jours minimum. Celles-ci seront autorisées sur attestation uniquement pour :

  • Se déplacer de son domicile à son lieu de travail dès lors que le télétravail n’est pas possible
  • Faire ses achats de première nécessité dans les commerces de proximité autorisés
  • Se rendre auprès d’un professionnel de santé
  • Se déplacer pour la garde de ses enfants et soutenir les personnes vulnérables
  • Faire de l’exercice physique uniquement à titre individuel, autour du domicile et sans aucun rassemblement

L’attestation nécessaire pour circuler sera disponible sur cette page demain mardi 17 mars.