For the week that’s in it I’ll be recommending a trip to the 2 Potes au Feu (They’ll be on L’addition S’Il Vous Plait this week 7th March 2016) . In advance I should warn that it’s also the closest decent restaurant to where I live. It’s also the restaurant we’ve been to most in Nantes. The photo you might see is from Christmas (actually 2013) but that doesn’t change anything apart from you probably won’t see Christmas bear when you visit. We get in there every month or two in general.

2 Potes as Feu Nantes

They’ve got a plat du jour, menu ( entre + plat ou plat + dessert ) and the works ( 9.90 / 12.90 or 15.90). You can also order off menu.


The menu tends to change daily though you can pretty much always have a steak / chips and salad as the plat du jour if you wish.

It's the little details

The little details make all the difference.

Beetroot Mousse Starter 1

The beetroot mousse was amazing.

Beetroot Mousse Starter 2

You can see the general styling they go with as well, Black and orange all over the place gives it a modern edge. I’d have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the decor but it works for them.

Staff wise they are always pleasant though if you’re in a rush at lunch you might want to try grabbing someone’s attention.

2 Potes au Feu Burger

(The burger is generally on a different menu and costs €16.90 individually .. it contains nice chunky meat and I’ve had it a few times … remember this is France though and ask them to cook it accordingly for you)


I’ll generally not get a dessert as I’m stuffed from the above however they do very nice desserts as well and Val usually partakes and skips the starter.

All in all the staff are very pleasant with the owner always coming over to say hello / shake hands. A nice little touch but once of those things that makes all the different at least for me.

All in all if you’re on the Line 1 Tram stop hop off at Souillarderie tram stop. Head under the bridge and it’s a 3 minute walk to the main square.

We’ve never had to book though tend to be there early and during the summer months if you want to ensure a place on the terrace it might be advisable.

You can find more details on their website 2 Potes au Feu.