Yesterday for May the 1st we took our semi annual trip to the farm at La Ferme de la Pannetière which is in La Chapelle sur Erdre.

There was a pretty decent crowd (with parking in a field 2 minutes walk away)

Parking in a field

Having previously visited we knew what was in store though they’ve added a few new attractions this year.


Goats / Pigs / Sheep make up some of the first little enclosures you’ll come across.

Pigs / Piglets

Among the numerous stalls you’ll find all sorts of local produce and at reasonable prices.


The jam at 3.50 a pot doesn’t seem too pricey


While some of the stalls are able to process cards you’ll want to bring some cash with you

Fresh Veg

You’ll really get more out of the trip though I suspect if you’re a small kid or if you’re really into your local farmers markets and food.

Pedal Tractors for the Kids

As with previous years the pedal tractor area proves to be a big hit.

Feeding The Cows

I never remember feeding calves as a kid 🙂

Cow Goes Moo

There were around 20 calves in stalls in one of the barns.


The excitement was a bit too much for some who just wanted to get away from all the attention though.

Reading Up

There was lots of info available. If you wanted you could end up taking a subscription for a monthly meat package direct from a local producer.


There were a number of rather long queues … the bio bakers seemed particularly popular. The French do love their bread 🙂

New this year were the pony rides and for 1 euro you could buy a ticket (available from the main ticket desk) for a short pony ride. Helmets were provided and again I think it’s an amazing experience for little people.

Victor On A Pony

Rubby Rubby

Band Playing

With live music throughout the day ( from 11) it provided a nice background ambience and a number of Irish songs were played.

We didn’t stop for lunch this year as we did previously but you’d want to make sure to get there early if you want to avoid the queues.

The weather held up thankfully and we ever saw a few faces we knew