Beckett's Canteen Nantes

You’d almost miss Beckett’s Canteen, tucked away on a little side street. Truth be told I’m not sure why I’ve not eaten here before (ok we went for my daughter’s birthday in December) , maybe it’s the thought of an Irish Cafe? I’m not really sure, when I think Irish cuisine bacon and cabbage springs to mind. It is however a great little restaurant.

Ringing up yesterday I was preparing myself to launch into a “bonjour je voudrais faire une reservation pour deux personne” spiel. I hate having to speak French on the phone. I’m greeted by an Irish accent, I’m not sure if I release an audible sigh and I launch into “hey could I make a reservation for two”. Done. Dusted!

I’d have to personally advise booking in advance. I generally don’t but if your heart is set on a place you might as well be sure. Pre Christmas we ended up getting a seating for the second serving. The place was wedged. Yesterday it was still pretty packed (especially on a Monday) but I suspect you’d have been able to come in from the street and get a table.

When you enter into the place you’re greeted by a room that’s dark, it’s a cosy dark and there’s a general hustle and bustle going on. Lots of talking and the music playing is definitely more suited to being back in Ireland or the UK.

Becketts Interior Walls

The food isn’t your typical Irish Cuisine. You won’t be getting a Lasagne with Chips here!

A typical Menu at Becketts

A main will cost €10.50 and a main + dessert will set you back €13.50

I went for the Risotto.

Risotto with Shitake mushrooms

and Val went for the Tagine

Tagine with filet mignon

Knowing next to nothing about wine I asked for a nice white and he gave a few recommendations.

An excellent glass of white was had setting me back a further €3.50, a bit of a chat was had with the owner ( at least I think he’s the owner ) and it turns out we’ve a bit in common with family from the same area.

Then it was on to dessert. I went with the Lemon Cake, which was hard to describe but rather tasty. The texture was perfect fluffy but hard? ( oh yeah I’ve no idea how to describe it )

Lemon Cake

Val had the apple crumble.

Apple Crumble

and all too soon it was time to go pay and get back to work.

The Till

A final word? I’ll happily be back