That’s right folks!!! I’m writing an article on Baked Beans being on sale for less than a euro!

Why? because I was shocked when I visited my local SuperU yesterday and saw them. Of course I checked the best before date as well and they are good for a year.

The price of Heinz Baked Beans seems to vary greatly. I don’t miss that much food from home and well if push comes to shove I’ll do with a tin of Haricot Blanc en sauce tomates and add in a few bits and pieces to tweak the taste. I do however enjoy a full Irish breakfast from time to time though and having a stock of Baked Beans on hand is nice. Prices on this product vary greatly. I just checked Le Comptoir Irlandais website and they are €2.50 a tin on there. Another shop sells them for €1.59 … normally they are €1.19. A check of the Carrefour website puts them at €1.32 and so on

So just a heads up if you’re around a SuperU and feel like stocking up … now might be the time.

What products do you miss from home?

Is your local SuperU taking part in the promotion?

You can find out here

(Look for “Partez pour un tour du monde des saveurs” towards the bottom of the page … they’ve also got a promo on cheddar cheese … texmex stuff and a load of other “foreign” products)