No we’re not going talking about how to make a living in Nantes we’re talking about BACON!!!!


( Apologies I get a little bit excited about food at times)

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner you might be missing the little things from Ireland.

Bringing Home The Bacon

I guess we all have foods we miss from home. For me it’s generally Pudding / Bacon / Curries (powders) .. for the sausages I’ll make do with the Hénaff. I don’t get back to Ireland that often these days

Did you know that from time to time Le Comptoir Irlandais stock them?

You should know … they aren’t cheap (at least compared to prices in Ireland) I picked some up before Christmas.

  • Bacon (8 à 10 tranches ; 300g pour 6.95€)
  • Bacon fumé (8 à 10 tranches ; 300g pour 6.95€)
  • Saucisses (conditionnées par 16; 454g pour 5.50€)
  • Black pudding (213g pour 2.95€; boudin noir, à base de sang de porc)
  • White pudding (213g pour 2.95€; boudin blanc, à base de graisse de porc)

My verdict … the bacon was nice .. the sausages Val loved … the pudding was pudding but I would have preferred some Clonakilty pudding.

All in all if you’re stuck and aren’t going to go to one of the Irish pubs that serves food for a Full Irish it’ll do.

Full Irish Breakfast

You can find full details on the Comptoir Irlandais Website (It might be worth giving them a buzz as well if you’re planning on heading in)