Food Watch Website

You may know I’m into my food. I like eating in restaurants. I like cooking. So this one interests me.

Food Watch published an article on Wednesday about the contents of a number of common food products.

Yoplait yogurts that contain traces of beef?

Tinned green beans that contain chicken stock?

Tiramisu with pork

Orangina with insects?

Haribo sweets with Pork!

All in all nothing that’d put me off eating any of them BUT if you are trying to maintain a truly vegetarian life style it’s worth noting that you may end up being surprised by what’s in your food.

If you’re Muslim or Jewish (possibly applies for some other religions as well) You might just want to check the pork content a bit closer as things containing gelatine may not be quite what you think.

You can find the full article on the Food Watch website