I have a confession to make…

I write down recipes on my blog so that I remember them (I come back and go oooh I could make that tonight). This is one that a few people who have tried have asked me to share though so here goes.

It requires some basic enough ingredients.

1 large Courgette
4 large Tomatoes (give or take)
Mozzarella (or 2 depending on my mood)
1 Puff pastry

On top of this … mustard (these days I prefer with wholegrain) .. shallotsbutter … and cous cous (what? cous cous yes … read on)

Get your Ingredients together

Not in the picture would be the shallots. You’re going to want to chop up your shallots and fry them in some butter. This is optional if you don’t like them don’t use them but I love them. You’re also going to want to slice up your courgette and tomatoes.

Remember the thicker the slices of veg the more time they’ll need to cook and the more chance something else has to burn.

Get your shallots frying in some butter until softened.

Chop your onion and mozzarella (or two)

Roll your puff pastry out into your tin. For some reason I used take it out of it’s cooking paper these days I leave it in it and it saves so much on washing up.

Once you’ve your pastry in your tin … spread a layer of mustard onto the base. Here it’s a Dijon mustard but as I said earlier I prefer a whole grain mustard these days. You’re also going to want to add your fried onions and a layer of cous cous now. Cous cous? If you don’t you’ll find that the courgette and tomato get rid of all their moisture and you end up with a really soggy base which while tasty and full of flavour isn’t so nice to eat.

Start layering in your slices of cheese / tomato / courgette. Do this as randomly as you like though I like to try to keep it to courgette / tomato / courgette / tomato / cheese …

Once you’ve this done sprinkle on a good dash of herbs de province. Into a preheated oven at 200C put your tart and pray!!!

Set a timer for 15 minutes and have a look at how it’s doing. You’ll probably want to give it about 25 minutes in total but I like the 15 minute reminder just so I know nothing has gone wrong.

Enjoy 🙂