No we’re not actually having crocodiles for dinner. Can you imagine being a 3 year old and being told you’re having crocodiles though? The name came from a french friend Caroline who makes similar for her kids.

This is an incredibly tasty recipe even if I do say so myself and it’s one that the kids really love. It takes a little bit of work and is going to take you around 50 – 60 minutes in total to make (including cooking time)

First up the ingredients.

Rice (about 150g)
Courgettes (I’m using 2 large for 2 adults and 2 kids)
Shallots / Onion (I’m using 2 large shallots chopped up)
Sausage Meat (Chair à Saucisse) I’m using about 150g. It gives a nice taste and texture. You can of course use much more … I know many who wouldn’t be happy with the amount I’m using but we’re cutting down on the meat. You could skin some sausages if you want and fry up the meat ( I actually used do that)
1 Carrot (Grated)
Olives (optional)
Herbes de Provence
(You could use another cheese but feta gives a nice salty kick)

You could add in some chopped mushrooms as well … though I didn’t this time.

First up get your rice on. You’ll need it in about 15 minutes.

Chair à Saucisse Shallot

Start frying your sausage meat and your chopped shallots.

Scooped out Courgette

In the mean time scoop out the centre of your courgettes. I’m using a tea spoon here and scraping gently. You don’t want to dig too deep or to break the courgette. You want them thin enough so they’ll cook quickly. Pre-heat your oven to 180C

The Sausage / Rice / Carrot / Courgette Filling

Throw the scooped insides into the pan with your sausage meat and shallot. Grate a carrot and throw it in. Cook for another few minutes and hopefully your rice is cooked. Throw in the drained rice as well. Add a decent sprinkle of Herbes de Provence.

Scooped out Courgettes on baking tray

Lay your courgettes onto a baking tray. You don’t want them to fall over so here I’m packing them rather tightly onto the tray.

Uncooked Stuffed Courgettes

Fill them up with your now cooked mix from the frying pan. You want to cook the rest of the courgette so bung them all into the oven for around 10 – 15 minutes.

Cooked Crocodiles with Feta

If they are starting to look cooked crumble up some feta on top and back in for another 10 or so minutes.

Serve and enjoy 🙂

I also had some rice and stuffing mix left over that I simply threw into another tray and gave 10 minutes in the oven to dry out slightly. You could sprinkle on some cheese as well and serve it on the side.

All that’s left to do is to tell your little person it’s a crocodile 😀