Do you Amazon? It’s so handy right? click, add to cart … check out .. click! 

Do you buy locally? Do you support local shops? Truth be told I do a mix. It’s not always easy or that cost effective to buy locally but when we don’t what happens? Local shops have to shut up shop!

If you’ve been in Nantes for a while then you’ve probably come across the Librairie Durance but did you know that it’s over 160 years old? 🙂

It was founded in 1858 by Léon Durance. It has obviously since changed hands having been taken over by his sons Léon and Gabriel. Then in the 50s it was taken over by Daniel Cousinard and in the 90s his son took over which is whose hands it is today I believe. 

Back before the Comblements de Nantes the river passed by (I wonder how humid that made the place)… 

What has all this to do with my Nantes Today blog you might ask? Well it’s the week before Christmas and well you can find a great selection of books in English for Adults… 

and the section for kids isn’t bad as well. Go downstairs and there’s a rather big section for kids in French as well and if you’ve got kids and are reading this blog they are probably bilingual? 🙂 

( I had to pop in earlier to pick up a birthday present for my little girl which my wife ordered so I said what the hell I’ll grab a few snaps while I’m there too.)

The shop is located at 4 Allée d’Orléans … from commerce go north 200 meters and you’ll find it on your left. You can find their website at

Historic images via Stéphane Pajot on Twitter

I know I know I’m posting my day 19 post a day early but with a week to go until the big day now is the time! 🙂