My day 3 post will get you a Christmas Tree for just €4.99 ok it’s not quite as simple as that.

Head across to IKEA and pick up your Christmas tree for €24.99 and you’ll get a gift voucher for €20

The trees are Nordmann and on average 1.4m tall

The small print:

Ce bon d’achat vous permet de payer vos achats dans les magasins IKEA en France du 26 décembre 2018 au 28 février 2019. Ce bon d’achat ne peut pas être échangé contre des espèces ni être utilisé comme carte de crédit. Conservez-le soigneusement. En cas de perte ou de vol, le bon d’achat n’est pas remboursé.

IKEA Carte Cadeau

You’ll have a voucher for €20 you can use between the 26th December and the 28th February 2019. Of course it’s dependant on you having or needing to buy something at IKEA.

You tend not to know exactly what your tree will look like (You can’t cut them open to check … and they are in nets) They are not too bad as trees go and if you’re on a budget you can’t really go wrong.


Don’t have transport? you’re pretty close to the Line 1 Tram when you’re at IKEA (or need to go there it’s 200 meters away give or take) which will get you to commerce.

Got the IKEA family club card? You can also get 25% off Christmas decorations while you’re there.

Apart from that you’ll be able to find Christmas Trees on sale at most of the bigger Super Markets. My local SuperU had them at the weekend. You’ll also probably be able to pick them up at most decent florists. Prices are going to vary greatly.