Make Your Own Cards

I’d a few ideas for what I’d like to post today but I don’t have so much time to write something. However Sara posted up a link last night to a video on facebook. It was a 5 minute video .. this one is a bit longer. As I normally do though I searched for the original non branded version on youtube that I can easily embed here 🙂

So from the looks of it you’ll need some glitter / coloured paper / tape / a glue gun.

Now I’m not exactly sure where you can buy all these things but there are specialist shops in town and these questions comes up from time to time. You can probably find a lot of these at one of the bigger supermarkets as well such as Leclerc at Paradis

First up:

Second you’ve got:

Going out of the city centre you’ve got Helio on route de vannes

Given it’s just the 6th of December you’ve still got time with your little people to make some amazing Christmas cards and send them on 🙂 (Or maybe your just want to make something yourself)