I know that everyone is different.

Some people enjoy the feel of a book or a newspaper in their hands and that’s great I too like a magazine I can flick through and I sometimes opt to buy them or pick up a brochure.

Magazines from Ma Region

What I don’t however like is having these magazines coming in my letterbox constantly. What’s the big deal I hear you say? Well, we’re trying to cut out on recycling/rubbish and for us, these go straight into the recycling. There’s no way of opting out. We’ve a pas de pub notice on our letterbox but we still get these every month or two. For a city/area/region that’s meant to be green surely, there’s a better way of doing this? I consume most of my news online. Twitter/Facebook and links I get sent.

Dear Nantes / Nantes Metropole / Pays de la Loire,

Please give us a way of opting out

Yours sincerely,