Every year I find myself posting up this advert as it always makes me laugh. While I’m not a huge sports fan I do love watching Ireland play in the rugby.

If you’re around town the matches will be shown at most of the Irish pubs (and there are quite a few the most popular probably being McByrnes https://www.facebook.com/irishpubnantes/

Pub France England

In case you’re not aware … the French refer to the English as Les rosbifs ( The Roast Beef(s) )

I’ve no idea how PC / politically correct it all is. This “paddy” likes to think it’s all in good humour.

O2 France England Funny Rugby Advert

I suspect most of us refer to the French as frogs?

If you’re Irish you could join The Irish in Nantes and possibly find some others heading for the Ireland vs Scotland match