Le Lieu Unique

Have you passed by the The Lieu Unique recently? You’ll have hopefully noticed that there’s a small flag on top of the tower.

What is it though? It doesn’t always blow in the wind and the text is quite small.

He Will Not Divide Us Nantes


We all know the rules … You don’t talk about Money, Politics or Religion

So I’ll leave it there! Since the 16th of October the flag was installed on the top of the Tower. There have been a few attempts to remove it but they have failed. ( A drone attack .. no no NO! Not a US drone attack .. a smaller drone tried to light the flag on fire.)

I believe it was in January 2017 the Day Donald Trump was inaugurated that the actor¬†Shia LaBeouf (The guy from Transformers) and 2 others created an installation with the flag “He will not divide us”.

Le Lieu Unique will continue to display the flag until the end of Trump’s presidency.

You can read more in French here: http://www.lelieuunique.com/he-will-not-divide-us/