It’s Sunday … this means a few things … we’ve survived the kids for the weekend, it’s bath night, and we want something quick and simple for dinner. Enter my patent pending egg fried rice.

This is a rather quick dish, very tasty and rather filling. You can add some extras if you like … we added some store bought goyzas at the end. We’ve added in some Teryaki fried cabbage in the past as well which works rather nicely.

You don’t need a lot of ingredients.

Jimmys Egg Fried Rice Ingredients

Frozen peas (200+ grammes) to the rescue again.
2 Eggs
Rice 200 grammes
Bacon Bits!!! (only used half so 100 grammes .. you could also use rashers)

Get your peas and your rice on as really the meal is waiting on them to cook for 10 or 12 minutes depending on your rice.

Boil Your Peas

Beat 2 eggs (in a cup) … take a large frying pan (everything will be going into it) and get it quite hot and put in a dash of sesame seed oil. Throw in your beaten egg and try to get it nice and flat and round. Drop the heat as you don’t want to burn it.

Fry Your Egg

You’ll end up with something like

Fried Egg

Roll it onto a chopping board

Roll Up Your Egg On A Chopping Board

What do you do on a chopping board … you chop it up into small pieces

Chop Up Your Egg

In the same pan ( as it’s got a nice taste of sesame seed oil and fried egg ) throw in your bacon bits. Don’t worry too much about all the fat. It’s going to melt.

Fry your Lardons

and you’ll end up with …

Fried Lardons

In my case I’ve cooked up some basmati rice and it’ll end up nice and fluffy

Fluffy Rice

Throw everything into the frying pan. (Don’t forget to drain the rice if you’ve got too much water and the cooked peas)

Throw Everything In Together

Throw in a splash of soya sauce as well (Not too much as there’s already quite a bit of salt in there and people can add their own) and you’ll end up with …

Jimmys Egg Fried Rice

We’ve discovered a few Asian shops in Nantes so we’ve picked up some Goyza.

Gyoza In Packet

Fry them ..

Fry Your Gyoza

boil in a splash of water cover and you’ll end up with …

Fried Gyoza

You’re done add to a plate while trying to make it look pretty for potential photos and instagram posts 😛

Jimmys Egg Fried Rice With Gyoza

Serve it with some Soya Sauce … and I rather like a nice spicey chilli sauce with it too.

Jimmys Egg Fried Rice Served Up

Putting this all together takes about 15 minutes .. the time to boil the kettle get the peas and rice on and mix it all together when those are cooked. It’s a firm favourite chez nous.