This is pretty much Jack Monroe’s Kidney Bean Burger recipe from Cooking on a Bootstrap and I’ve tried it a few times now and it’s definitely becoming a favourite around here. I only came across her site last year but she’s got some great recipes and from the looks of it cook books (I’ve not bought just yet)

The recipe isn’t quite as cheap as it is in the UK but it’s a great budget vegetarian dish. It takes about 20 minutes to make, and thankfully the kids love it (after a few … eat it .. eat it … eat it moments with Victor tonight)

You’ll really only need … an onion .. a tin of kidney beans .. a carrot … cumin. Yes there’s oil / flour / coriander as well but the first four things are the main ingredients.

Kidney Bean Burger Ingredients

I’m a bit obsessed by white onions at the moment and have been using them in everything. I also made use of “that” carrot that has been in the fridge for a bit. It’s getting cooked and spiced up so it’ll be good.

Rince and drain your kidney beans and throw them into a pot with a splash of water for 5 – 10 minutes. You want to be able to mush them up.

Carrot Onion Cumin Mix

chop your onion fine and grate your carrot and get them cooking. Add in some cumin (1 teaspoon + for me) and cook for 5 or 6 minutes until the carrots have started to soften.

Mashed Mix

Mix your kidney beans into your mix and give it a mash.

Kidney Burger Balls

Divide in 2 … and then in 2 again … and with some flour (I used some gram flour but normal would work too) roll your mix into balls. Flatten slighly on the pan and get them frying away probably for about 5 or 6 minutes .. you’ll probably want to flip them once or twice.

Kidney Bean Burgers

Once they are cooked to your liking serve them up.

Kidney Bean Burger With Fixings

I’d some burger buns I bought the other day (though I had the second in a bit of left over baguette) … added in a bit of rocket … left over green from the onion .. slice of tomato and some mustard … A bit of a mix of flavours but I enjoyed it. Fusion cooking Jimmy style 😀

If you’re interested in more recipes you should check out Jack’s website