Today is PANCAKE DAY!!!! (In France) That’s right it’s La Chandeleur … so I’m going to share with you my easy galette recipe 🙂 Have you noticed flour / Nutella / Breton cider on special in the supermarkets over the last week? 🙂

You’re going to want some buckwheat flour. How on earth are you going to find that I hear you ask is it t45 .. t55 … t-1000 (no that one’s the terminator in Terminator 2) It’s actually called Farine de Sarrasin and it looks a little bit like the below (of course that’s the SuperU brand)

Farine De Sarrasin

To make your galettes you’re going to need around 30g of flour and 70mls of water per galette. Below I have about 330g of flour, 1 egg, and about 750ml of water ( A wine bottle if you’re struggling to measure things). You also need a VERY good pinch of salt … sea salt preferably .. chunky)  You basically mix all the ingredients together adding the water in 3 or four goes and mixing well (with a whisk if you have one) Dump it into the fridge for an hour or two if you’ve got time.

Afterwards I like to use a soup ladle onto my HOT flat pan (Yes I bought this specially for crepes) You want to coat the pan nicely with butter … I was using a bit of kitchen paper and a knob of butter each time to spread it out nicely.

Expect your first to be the dogs dinner 😀 … and possibly add some more water to the mix if it’s not spreading nicely.

It’s up to you what you’d like to put into them. Above I’ve an egg / slice of ham / cheese to make up a complete!

You can of course go another route if you’d like and I really love these. The mix of salty galette and sweet chocolate is pretty amazing.

You could add in a banana? or some pear? got some caramel? The choices are endless (or at least more than I’ve got time to describe here)

These galettes work out at about 10cents each.

The complete works out at around 1 euro each.

The Nutella version works out at around 15 – 20 cents