Le Coin des Crepes

Once upon a time I had never been to France and by proxy had never been to Brittany. Over the next few years every trip to Brittany meant I’d be eating crêpes, drinking Breton cider and putting on the pounds. Since I’ve moved to Nantes however I’ve found myself no longer having the same crêpe cravings. These days for me to actually go to a restaurant and order a crêpe is a rare thing. However when you’ve got visitors it has to be done!

The Inside of Le Coin des Crêpes

Thankfully we’re no longer limited to the basic complète ( Ham / Cheese / Egg in a savoury galette) and if you’re looking for something different you really can’t go wrong with Le Coin des Crêpes in Nantes!

Le Coin des Crêpes Menu

I’ve now eaten here twice in a little over a month. Once in the evening with some Irish friends and again today with a friend of Val’s, her husband, and two kids. For lunch time during the week you’ve got a menu at €10.50 which includes a savoury crêpe – Complète … a sweet crêpe (with one topping .. salted caramel … sugar … chocolate … jam ) … and also a bowl of cider. Add on a coffee for another €1.50 and it’s not bad and quite filling.

Le Pendruc - smoked sausage

However I wasn’t feeling that hungry and generally don’t do desserts so I ordered off the menu. The Pendruc … with smoked sausage … onion confit … egg and cheese … and a few leafs of salad thrown on for good measure. (Long story short … I was very stuffed afterwards though Victor helped me lots)

Previously I’d ended up grabbing the Cabellou (below) which consists of magret de canard .. goats cheese and a tomato and basil sorbet

Duck Crepe

Both are very different and I look forward to trying other things on the menu the next time I’m in.

Chocolate Crepe

The dessert crêpe that came with Victor’s menu is a standard sweet crêpe but very nice as well.

The Till / Counter / Toilets / Kitchen area

Overall the place is spacious (There’s also an upstairs which we’d eaten in previously) unlike a few other Crêperie that I can think of around the Bouffay area … the staff I found to be very friendly on both occasions  and I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food. They also sell a number of I’m guessing local jams / goods and other nicknacks that you can see on the wall / shelves.

Jams For Sale

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