At this stage I’m going to guess we’ve all seen the videos about plastic and that we need to make a change? I’d love to say I’ve been good for years but it’s just not the case. I recycle where possible and have now for as long as I can remember I guess. Recycling is one thing, trying to cut back on waste is an entirely different matter.

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our grand children.

About two years ago we started making use of our local compost area and that has been amazing for our black bag bins in terms of not needing to dump them so often due to the smell. We’ve probably managed to cut back on the black bags by 50%.

The next little thing you can do is to avoid pre packaged fruit and veg. Have you ever noticed that in the supermarkets all the bio stuff comes pre wrapped / packaged? Bio … but at a cost 🙁

The last one … well this one isn’t going to take that much effort. Every day or two I go to the bakers, hey it’s France and hey the baguette cliche is really true. I do however get a really nice 4 grain / cereal bread and it always comes in a plastic bag. Now lets do the maths. 1 bag a week = 52 bags that are going straight into the recycling. However I’m not sure if they can be recycled. It’s more likely it’s 2 bags a week. That’s 100+ bags a year. That’s kinda scary as that’s just us. Val had a cloth bag that wasn’t doing anything so we’re repurposing it for our bread needs.

If we get a baguette they normally like to wrap it in a sheet of paper and throw a bit of cellotape onto it. Not a huge thing but is it necessary? I’ll get it home in 3 minutes and rip rip … hey presto more rubbish. Little things but carrying it home without the packaging or putting it into a reusable bag = a lot saner.

Bread in cloth bags

This isn’t exactly going to save the world but if everyone starts to make one change today … then who knows where that leads us 🙂