It’s Friday and once again that means fish day!!!

I previously wrote about Poisson Paré which is a very French fish and chip restaurant, today I’m going to talk about Martin’s Fish and Chips 🙂

A few weeks back the activity center was on strike (What a strike in France? never) This meant I was stuck minding Charlotte. She asked if we could go to a restaurant ( I swear my cooking’s not that bad 😮 ). I refuse to step into a McDonalds or similar fast food joints so I was looking for someplace you could comfortably bring a 4 year old, and it hit me … Martin’s Fish and Chips. It’s located at 49 Rue Maréchel Joffre, 44000 Nantes. (So we could just get off at Duchess Anne and walk north a few hundred meters.)

Martin's fish and chip shop

Now this is very much your local chipper if you’re from Ireland or the UK you’ll probably feel right at home.

The Kitchen

In terms of what’s on offer there’s quite a lot and some rather good value menus to boot.

The menu choices

I opted for a straight Fish and chips 🙂 The Menu Longliner at €8.50 and a portion of Onion Rings .. (though in the end it changed to the Menu Golden Deal at 10.90 as someone wanted a dessert)


The kids menu I find to be great value at €4.50 the big problem was trying to figure out what Charlotte would like, not being a fan of seafood and fearing she might not eat the scampi we opted for the chicken nuggets. (BTW The kids menu is huge with pretty much the same portion of salad an chips)

Martin's Fish and Chips Plate

He batters the fish in front of you and it’s really nice. For an Irish man having salad with fish and chips is so weird. The onion rings are of a frozen variety ( the kind I like every so often though I really prefer freshly made ones )

He’s open Monday – Friday (unfortunately not on Saturday). There are a few tables set up so you can eat there as well.

Martin's Fish and Chips Logo

He does take away as well as delivery with Deliveroo and he has a loyalty card which is a nice touch if you like your Fish and Chips. A free drink on your 5th meal and a free drink and an extra for your 10th.

Carte De Fidilite

All in all I’d highly recommend it, he has some rather quirky decorations and is quite friendly. One important point to remember … bring cash as he doesn’t take cards.

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