0. Introduction

I think Hamza got in  contact in the summer last year and asked if he could post a link up to his business on the Knowing Nantes FB Group. In general KN is non commercial but in this case an English speaking phone repair guy? .. Fire right ahead 😀 (It’s also nice to be asked) It’s one of those things people are always wondering about .. where can I get my phone fixed in Nantes. These days with your phone potentially costing 1k in some cases (think Iphones / high end phones) it’s great to have someone able to fix your broken screen or figure out what the issue with your phone is. I’ve only managed to pop in once for a chat but he seems like a really nice guy and if you’re looking to get some hardware repaired I think he’s your guy.

Hamza saved my life today after he replaced the hard drive in my laptop. He was fast, efficient, and super friendly. Would highly recommend SmartPhone City to anyone who needs their mobile phones or computers serviced.” – Adrienne M.

 1. Who are you and what do you do?

Hello my name is Hamza Aqeel I am 27 years old from Pakistan living in France for the past 7 years.
I am a Technician Informatique and i run a small company known as SmartPhone City situated in Nantes. I fix broken gadgets like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop Computers, and many other electronic products.

2. What brings or brought you to Nantes?

I would say destiny. I didnt know about Nantes, where it was, I just moved with my partner seeking an adventure. Honestly was tired of the metro, boulot, dodo life in Paris.

3. What’s keeping you here?

Nantes is a beautiful city, it’s the calm that i find in this city which is keeping me here. It has a mix of both a busy capital and a quite village.

4. What advice would you give someone moving to Nantes?

As an immigrant the advice i would give is as soon as you arrive in Nantes try to find your community because they will be able to help you with a lot of stuff like finding a place to live and even a job. The Knowing Nantes page is a really good example for that.

5. Where do you eat?

Well mostly i eat out everyday i love to try different cuisines from different parts of the world.

6. Favourite Watering Hole?

Any place comfy and warm would do the job.

7. Favourite Place to Meet?

Well I love to meet people at a sheesha lounge. Not everyone prefers to meet me there haha.

8. Favourite Thing about Nantes?

The environment i love the design of it.

9. What do you dislike most about Nantes?

The construction more buildings would suffocate the beauty of this town.

10. How have you found integrating with the locals?

It was difficult due to the lack of communication. But as soon as i started practicing my french the barrier was lifted and made it easy to integrate with the locals because not everyone speaks english.

11. What do you miss about your home country?

EVERYTHING like literally EVERYTHING the smile on peoples face thanking God all the time even tho living such a hard life with almost no money at all and helping others even tho having nothing to give. I remember when i was 16 and didnt have any money to buy groceries for the house and this friend of mine Ali who was my age with no job went to the grocery store and bought grocery on credit for my house.

12. What’s your Website / Business?

Smart Phone City Nantes

Hamza ReviewsI run a small business which is situated on the ile de Nantes close to tram line 2 and 3. Stop name Mangin known as (SmartPhone City) and my website is www.smartphonecity.fr The mission of this company is to recycle products by giving them another chance.

You can find his FB page at https://www.facebook.com/smartphonecitynantes/ and if you take a look at his reviews they speak for themselves 🙂

His shop is located at 82 Boulevard Victor Hugo

Smart Phone City Location