Gilets jaunes, gilets jaunes, gilets all the way …
oh what fun it is to …

NO … no it’s not fun and it’s now entering it’s sixth week of protests? It’s being called the Act VI.

A Cloud of Tear Gas at the 50 Otages via Conúil Duffy

Starting once again around 1pm there are going to be protests starting it looks like in multiple places. How many will turn out it’s not sure. With it being days away from Christmas day I suspect their numbers will be down but all the same like previous Saturdays expect tear gas!

…à partir de 13 heures, sur le cours des Cinquante-Otages, au square Louis-XVI, près de la cathédrale de Nantes, au square Maquis-de-Saffré, au marché Talensac et square Amiral-Halgand et face de l’hôtel de ville.

Presse Ocean

Am I scare mongering? Hopefully not but once again I suspect the Christmas markets are going to end up closing early as well as various attractions around town. You know those little cabins where the Christmas Market stalls are? They can cost around €4,400 … with Saturday’s being a big selling day this has got to hurt badly

I spoke to some people who were in town last weekend and well it’s common sense. If you see the CRS / protests / tear gas avoid them / it. Be aware that yes they’ll probably deploy tear gas once again. They seem to use it for crowd control and having people not go a certain places.

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