Nandi's Restaurant Nantes

It’s not often we get out in the evening. Kids and lack of family close by tend to do that a bit. However it was a special occasion a few weeks ago, namely my birthday. I asked Val if she’d like to try Nandi’s Indian and well I didn’t need to ask twice. I’ve heard good things from a lot of the members of Knowing Nantes but I do like to try places for myself. One please please please can you mind the kids later and we were ready to rock (or well to eat at any rate)

Nandis Place Setting

We opted for a pretty early night and booked for 7:30pm. The decor inside is quite modern. The evening menu has two set menus. One at €16.90 for a main (choice of three) and a dessert (choice of 3). The other at €23 comes with a starter and your choice of main and dessert from the menu (barring or or two dishes)


We opted for the starter / main / dessert and I went with the Bombay Grill and wasn’t disappointed with the amount of chicken. Val went the Dhal soup.

Nandi Dhal

We took a cheese naan on the side which was nice and fluffy.

Nandi's Cheesy Naan

For the main I went with the Lamb Rogan Josh and Val went with the Beef Palak? (Beef / Spinach / Garam Masala and Ginger)

Nandi's Mains

Now I have to say I’m used to having Indian food back in Ireland, Spain, and I’ve eaten in a few other places in Nantes and this is the first time my mouth has been on fire! on both accounts. We did ask for medium spice but maybe years of cooking for the kids has taken it’s toll and I’m just not used to spicy food anymore. Afterwards we had a chat with the owner who said we should have sent it back and they could have reworked it. Oh well we’ll know for again.

It's like having A mango

Val had been hearing good things about the desserts so she went with the Mango Tiramisu. She had booked in advance and notified them it was my Birthday so I thought this was a nice little touch. I quite liked my Mango Crumble .. Val however wasn’t too keen on the Tiramisu so we swapped and WOW while I liked the crumble quite a lot, I LOVED the Tiramisu. It’s also nice to see some interesting takes on desserts as normally I’m not that impressed with Indian desserts.

Nandi's Crumble

Apart from the spice of the main it was quite a nice evening. Not so packed but then it was Wednesday evening. I look forward to going back though I’ll maybe stick with a not very spicy main next time.

You can find Nandi’s online at as well as on Facebook.

The restaurant is located at 6 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

They also appear to be available on a few of the delivery websites if you’re really feeling lazy 🙂