I’m finding myself without much time to blog at the moment. We did however make it to the Cricket yesterday in the Parc du Grand Blottereau. Cricket you say? Yep I’m finding out more and more about Nantes all the time. There’s a male team and a female team (Les Duchesses) in Nantes.

Nantes Loves Cricket

Cricket isn’t really my thing, I didn’t grow up with it at all and while Ireland does have a team I don’t think I’ve ever watched a match.

Trust me I'm Bats Man



In Play

The Action Shot

Giving Thanks

Food and Drink are available all day and it’s open from 10AM until 9PM



There’s a Burger Truck and a Hot Dog Stand for those planning to make a day of it and the food is lovely.



All in all well worth a tip across. I can see more visits for matches in my future 🙂 There was some pretty great Chello music with a beat boxer?

In Victory ...

There are two more matches scheduled for today (Sunday the 24th)

You can find more details on the FB Page for Nantes Cricket Club