So it took a while but our free masks arrived yesterday.

Masks you might ask?

Plain Envelope

Well they arrived after the 11th (de-confinement of a sorts) on the 12th around midday. The logistics of having to pack 330,000 masks into envelopes and ship them out I’m guessing might get complicatd. Having a friend who has been making masks for the last (nearly 2 months) I find these slightly underwhelming. However you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. They are however meant to be good for 50 washes at 60C. I guess we’ll see. With COVID 19 here to stay I’m guessing these will be the first masks of many.

Nantes Masks

4 Masks you might ask? 2 kids 2 adults. Though the kids don’t get out much apart from locally. GS did start up again yesterday for my son but we’re going to continue homeschooling for the next week or two at least and see how things progress.