Poisson Pare Nantes

It’s Friday so you know what that means? That’s right it’s FISH DAY!!! (at least if you grew up in 80s Ireland as I did .. and I generally see fish on the kids Canteen menus on Friday .. and it’s one of those things I miss. Decent fish and chips.)

One of the big shocks to the system when you move from Ireland ( and I’m guessing the UK ) is the lack of decent chippers!

In Nantes I’ve found it to be rather limited when it comes to getting a fish and chips. There is of course Martin’s Fish and Chips but they are unfortunately shut at the weekend.

Enter … Poisson Paré.

Now this is a small little restaurant doing Fish and Chips and doing it right I have to say. They have however added their own style to it. This is also French cuisine at the same time and you can have a starter, main and dessert. Needless to say I just wanted a fish and chips. Now while you may not find yourself getting big dirty chips, you’ll find the quality of the food is excellent. As I said however it’s a small little restaurant. They seem to try to accommodate two sittings at lunch time so I’d advise booking in advance. Especially if it’s a rainy day and they’ve not setup outside.

The menu doesn’t contain just fish and chips and when I was there a really nice looking fish pie was also on offer, not to mention some rather tasty sounding starters.

The menu at Poisson Pare

But I digress …


(and they’ve even got a bottle of malt vinegar though I think I was the only one who asked for that when we were there)

Fish And Chips in Nantes

My only regret … the mushy peas were cold/chilled!

A plate of fish and chips will set you back €9.50. Poisson Paré is located at 12 Quai de la Fosse and you can find their website and further details here