If you didn’t grow up with sausage rolls you probably don’t miss them. For me it’s one of those things I didn’t realise I missed until I had some again.

A neighbour Marie put me onto this and it’s a fun one you can easily make with the kids. Not to mention that the kids also love them. You could of course go ahead and use some real sausages but these are quick and easy. These are great to take on a picnic or for an apero and the French that I’ve met tend to go … oooh what are those.

You’re going to need:

1 Pâte Feuilletée (€0.78)
1 pack of Knacki (4 in the pack at €1.02 or 6 for €1.20 depending if you want to make more and yes you could do it with just the one puff pastry)

Sausage Roll Ingredients

Depending if you want to add some more flavour you’ll want some mustard (the kids like Ketchup so I went ahead and bought some)

Roll Your Sausage Roll

Cut them up and place them on a tray on the sheet of baking paper the puff pastry came with. You’ll want to leave a bit of space between them as they may puff up a bit. Breaking news … Puff pastry … puffs up a bit 😛

You’ll also want to brush a bit of water on top (You could use egg and it’ll give a nicer glaze but I’m not cracking open an egg just for this so water it is). You’ll probably have some pastry left over and I like to wrap up little bits of cheese and throw them in the oven as well.

Sausage Rolls On A Tray

Throw them into the oven at 180 for around 15 minutes. In truth the Knacki don’t need much cooking so really you’re just looking to cook the puff pastry and heat up the knacki

Cooked Sausage Rolls

If you’re feeling lazy of course you could buy some from the likes of Picard or SuperU .. I’ve not just yet and doubt I will but they’ll set you back around €4 and probably look perfect. You could also buy some actual sausages but you’ll probably want to adjust cooking times.

Premade Sausage Rolls