We probably all know you don’t swim in the river here … it can be extremely dangerous … Welll ….

Radioactive Water Map

Well … now there’s even more good news!!!

That’s right there’s tritium in the drinking water of around 6 and a half million people in France ..

Update: Just to be clear the levels are within acceptable levels. The data I believe is from 2016 – 2017 period as well.

ACRO published a study yesterday https://www.acro.eu.org/tritium-dans-leau-potable-plus-de-6-millions-de-francais-concernes-quelle-eau-potable-en-cas-daccident-nucleaire-grave/


SO the big question is … have you been experiencing any supernatural powers recently?

Will you be switching to bottled water? Or do you already just drink bottled water?