School Calendar 2017 - 2018

It’s that time of the year again.

C’est la rentrée!

School is back and the school holidays for 2017 – 2018 have been released into the wild.

If, like me, you’re freelancing you really need to have these so you can plan your year in advance.

You can the full details on the website (There’s a PDF as well as ics format available at the bottom of the page)

Did you know there are 3 school holiday zones in France? Nantes is in Zone B

Halloween (Vacances de la Toussaint) 21st October – 6th November
Christmas Holidays (Vacances de Noël) 23rd December – 8th January
Winter Holidays? (Vacances D’hiver) 24th February – 12th March
Easter Holidays (Vacances de Printemps) 21st April – 7th May

Summer Holidays (Vacances d’Été) 7th July

Remember however there are also the jour fériés (Bank Holidays) in France and some of these may lead on to the creche or school taking a long weekend “Faire le pont” (Making a bridge day where a holiday falls on the Thursday so they take the Friday as well).

If you want a handy printed calendar get yourself over to

Make A Calendar

Mark your country as France and select the holidays you want in there.