Lots more protests going on tomorrow. It’s starting early and scheduled to go on all day. If you’ve got places to be in the city centre be prepared and have alternative routes planned.

Trams and buses are going to be cut once again in the city centre no surprise there. It’s howver happening from around 10AM and lasting until 6PM.


Me I’m going to get to the office early and hopefully be able to get across the city to the UCO in the afternoon.

As always you can find out more details about travel disruptions on the TAN website.

TAN December 17th Plan Nantes

I must admit I’m not a fan so much of their new site but so be it. They seem to hide the information a little bit more these days.

Bonus Photo outside my office two weeks ago.

Life Must Go On

CRS (riot police running along in the trees) with tear gas fired. I’ve had some of my students caught up in it. My advice is to avoid the clouds if at all possible!

Images (apart from the photo) via the Tan Website