Well the Flea Market season is well and truly upon us.

I say this constantly but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I love that wooden chessboard I picked up for 50 cents. The unopened lego ambulance I picked up for 5 quid (instead of 30 new). The books, the toys we pick up for the kids…

France has a really great system  in place for Flea Markets. It’s something I didn’t know as a kid.

These day’s we’re giving Charlotte a euro or two to spend. It teaches her about budgeting and trying to put some value on items that she wants not to mention making choices (she can’t buy everything). You recycle / re-use. It’s something that’s becoming more and more important in our throw away economy.

In case you don’t know how to find them here’s a handy link to find out about all the flea markets going on https://vide-greniers.org/44-Loire-Atlantique

Today it’s the Flea Market in Rue Maréchal Joffre for us so we might see you there 🙂

You can find out about others on the site above as well.from week to week.

Vide Grenier Printemps La Rue Joffre

Also if you’re looking to sell on your stuff you should check out setting up a stall. You generally need to do it in advance by a few weeks but for between 5 and 10 euros you’ll be able to setup a small stand.