Whether you’re Catholic / Protestant / Jewish / Muslim … I don’t really care! We’re talking about magical bunnies delivering chocolate eggs!!! 

If you are looking for something to do this weekend with the kids the Secours populaire ( a charity ) is organising an egg hunt for Easter in the Grande Blottereau Park. It starts at 10:30 and be prepared to queue if previous years are anything to go by.

Queue At The Grand Blottereau Egg Hunt

It’ll cost 4 euros per kid … they’ll hunt down some plastic eggs of some sort and at the end they’ll get to give them over and get some real chocolate eggs and sweets … again if previous years are anything to go by.

Egg Hunt at the Grand Blottereau

There will also no doubt be a kids makeup stall (Tigers and Fairies)… peche a la ligne 😮 Can you go to any kids event without there being one?

Peche A La Ligne

Not to mention food and various other games. Again be prepared to fork over some funds so bring some cash with you.

It’s enjoyable, the egg hunt can be a bit overwhelming especially for little ones who aren’t so fast and up against kids twice or three times their age in the hunt.

We’ll be there weather permitting.

Is 4 quid too steep or the prospect of getting across Nantes a bit too much for you? Why not organise your own easter egg hunt with some of the local kids. Buy a few small easter eggs and place them around some open space nearby and let your little terrors … erm loved ones run wild 🙂 We’ll also be doing that on Monday (Bank Holiday) with friends who are busy working Sunday.

You can get to the Grand Blottereau by taking the line 1 tram to the Mairie de Doulon tram stop. Cross the tram / rail tracks and continue on for about 500 meters.