The Herons' Tree

Les Machines de L’île have opened a kickstarter for their new project The Herons’ Tree.

With the goal of raising €100,000 they hit that in I believe 2 days which is impressive. They are currently on €138,000 having started the kickstarter on the 6th of March.

Rewards range from a digital HD poster of the Herons’ Tree right up to your name on one of the benches (If you’ve got a spare €1,000)

A third of the 35 million euros necessary to build the Tree will be funded by private companies, but we also want this funding to be available to individuals and for that Kikstarter is an amazing tool, in Nantes and worldwide.

What is it? A steel sculpture more than 50m in diameter and 35m high!

It will be built out over 5 years, the grand opening is set for 2022 at the Chantenay quarry (Near the Jules Verne museum)

The Herons' Tree Poster

Poster by Stephane Muntaner

If you visit the Galerie des Machines you can see the prototypes.

In case you’re wondering who the Machine d’île are … they built the Great Elephant and Le Carrousel Mondes des Marins pictured below.

Carrousel / Elephant

You can find the Kickstarter her:

The main site for the Machines de l’île: