I think it was back in December 2015 my twitter search for Nantes started to throw up some images which kinda blew me away. I think I’ve considered Nantes to be my home for a few years now so finding out more about the history of the city is kinda cool.

Fnac Nantes

The above image was posted by Stephane Pajot – @StephanePajot44 if you like Nantes he’s well worth following. In case you’re wondering where it is? Well if you’ve been into Fnac in the city centre …

He has a series of videos where he takes a look at old postcards and compares them to today as well as giving some of the history of the places. Again well worth a watch.

You can find them on Tele Nantes http://www.telenantes.com/emission/nantes-la-carte

Just to wet your appetite Talensac Market

Anyways last week he ended up launching a mobile phone app for Nantes à la Carte. I tested it out the other day and it’s not bad (Few small annoyances such as not remembering where I am on the map when I hit back but I can live with them …the next video that runs as well is from Tele Nantes and nothing to do with the App but oh well hopefully they’ll improve that … maybe it’s just the developer in me that gets annoyed by that …)

Nantes A La Carte Map

Zoom in and click and location and you’ll be greeted with some info about the place and be able to play the associated video. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles and the text is only in French but hopefully that won’t be too much of an issue for you. As the videos are only 2 – 3 minutes long as well it’s a good way to practice your French 🙂

Nantes À La Carte - LU

My only warning would be that if you’re out and about in Nantes remember your data allowance on your phone (You’re streaming video). You don’t want to get hit paying for extra data, especially if you’re roaming.

You can find the app on the Google App store or Itunes just do a search for Nantes à la carte

App Install Screen

On a side note this is one of those cases of how on earth do you translate that. We say à la carte in English (at least I think we do)