As the person who does most of the shopping chez nous I find it good to sign up for the club card for the super markets. I mainly shop at two supermarkets SuperU and Carrefour. SuperU because it’s the big one close by. Carrefour … cus they are everywhere. I think that days after moving here we’d signed up for the SuperU card. This year for my birthday I ended up getting a thanks for your loyalty card. I was expecting a 1 euro voucher or something.

Super U Happy Birthday Card

No however it was a surprise waiting for me at SuperU. OK I’ll bite free stuff is free stuff. I headed along to the information desk and ended up getting the below package.

SuperU Birthday Box

The contents? Well if you ask me it’s pretty cool

SuperU Birthday Box Contents

  • Préparation pour moelleux chocolat U BIO boite 300g (€2.19)
  • Plaque joyeux anniversaire U 7g (€1.39)
  • Vermicelles multicolores U 60g (€1.35)

About 7 quids worth of stuff at their online prices. Now if I’d collected it on the day I could have saved myself some money instead of baking a cheese cake for the office. I however collected it the day after. Oh well .. I’m looking forward to making it with the kids (eventually).

On a different note I’ve recently stopped carrying their club card with me everywhere. I’m making use of the club card on my mobile. One less card to carry around in your wallet and it works pretty well. We’re shopping for 4 (plus the cats) so the points / savings add up. Towards the end of the year we’ll generally have a nice meal or two for free as I leave any money accumulated on the card for Christmas / New Years 🙂