You probably have heard of the covered Market at Talensac? You’ll no doubt also have heard of the market at La Petite Hollande as well on Saturday mornings with 200 – 300 sellers? Did you know though that there are currently 18 general food markets in Nantes? Most are just open one day a week in either the morning or the afternoon / evening so you’ll want to check your local one’s times.

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Marché de Doulon

I’m lucky to have two local markets the Marché de Doulon is the one I generally find myself going to Sunday mornings and you’ve got around 30 stalls with a great mix of items for sale .. veg .. cheese .. fish .. meat .. cooked dishes.

The Marché de Doulon is open Sunday from 8am until 1pm.

Vieux Doulon Market Square

You’ve got your usual seasonal vegetables for sale from multiple sellers check for bio if that’s your thing. There’s also a local association selling veg.

Market Veg

If you’re on a budget be sure to check out the different sellers / prices as they can range greatly in price

Market Vegetables

This market is on a Sunday so if you’re feeling like a roast and feeling ever so slightly lazy (or maybe you don’t have an oven) you can pick up a roast chicken.

Roast Chickens at the market

Prices will once again vary (not to mention tastes). Chickens from this place are from €7.50 for a 1.3KG roast chicken up to just under €13 for a Label Rouge chicken (You’ll notice the difference). You’ll also generally be able to pick up some side servings of potatoes and fried / stewed onion mix / gravy.

Cooked Potatoes at the market

Feeling a bit more adventurous? You can opt for a range of prepared dishes … Chinese …

Chinese Food

Indian …

Indian food at the market

There are also Vietnamese and Caribbean I think food stalls … Me I’m generally there to pick up a few boxes of eggs for the week ahead …

Open Air Eggs for sale at the market

You’ll also have wine merchants and the latest trend I’m noticing local craft beers.

Local craft Beers at the market

If you’re looking for more information on the local markets you can find to date info here: Markets of Nantes