Totum Cantine Bio Nantes

I’ve been meaning to get across to Totum for a while now but one thing led to another and we just didn’t get across. It’s a 2 minute walk from commerce.

Totum on the Map

Truth be told though for me at times the idea of going out for a nice meal and buying vegetarian just doesn’t appeal 😀 we are however trying to reduce the amount of meat, fish, and poultry that we eat so what the hell.

Totum Bio

Everything is home made bio, vegan, and gluten free

(Don’t worry I’m already preparing myself for the worst)

The Totum Menu

Starter and a main or main and a dessert is 14 quid so around average for a restaurant in the city center.

Totum Menu Dishes

The starters and plates all sound interesting. I opted to go for the Veggie Burger the Crousti-Gourmand Vegan Burger. We were sitting outside on the terrace but once you’ve made your choice you go inside to order and they’ll bring it out to you.

Totum Wines

There’s a decent selection of wines / ciders and other drinks.

No expense spared for us today though and it was table water all round (The joys of having to get back to work afterwards)

Totum Burger

The burger and chips look impressive. The burger is a soya, quinoa, seasonal veg mix. topped with tofumage (cheese substitute?) .. semi sun dried tomatoes in thyme …. cucumber pickles .. an onion compote with garam masala.

Enough about that though I can just say. It was amazing! The bun was crusty the actual burger? was incredibly tasty and the toppings were just wow. I’m drooling here writing this and thinking about it. I suspect it was nicer than any burger (meat or otherwise I’ve had out in Nantes)

The chips / wedges were also some of the nicest I’ve had.

Totum Tart

As we generally always do, Val had something different. She went with the tart which was an aubergine / courgette mix with maple syrup. It possibly doesn’t look that appetising but it was quite nice. (I’m still thinking about my burger though)

Totum Dessert

I generally decline dessert. The waitress did ask if I wanted anything but I was happy out. She did bring two spoons though for Val’s which I think is a very nice touch. (Unless Joey doesn’t share)

Totum Cette Semaine

Going to pay we found some interesting facts on the wall (not to mention their wine of the week selection)

Just a little note the burger is at a slightly different price than a normal main and it’s €13

All in all I’d highly recommend it.

Your only problem now is it’s shut for a month as they worked right through the summer during LVAN!