If you’re just here short term or even if you’re looking to save a pretty penny then Second Hand goods could be for you.

Yesterday I posted up an advert onto the Knowing Nantes Buy and Sell group 

Fisher Price Little People House

Do you dream of climbing on board the property ladder?

This beautiful two bedroom house has just come on the market and at this price we think it’s a steal. Spacious, Bright, Pet friendly it’s yours for the sum of just €6. No hidden agency fees in sight. Yes that’s right as this is a direct sale we can afford to keep the price low. Only down side? a slight issue with closing it but there’s a work around as you can see and if you’re in a good neighbourhood it won’t be an issue. So what are you waiting for get onboard the property ladder or make an investment in your child’s future with their very own house of their dreams!

I’d sold the house in a matter of minutes and I’ll meet up on Friday to hand it over. In the last few weeks I’ve sold a toaster we no longer use. Mr. Potato Head on Safari. A Maisy Bowling set. MegaBlocks and all sorts of things mostly that the kids no longer play with.

I’ve a coffee machine, Baby Cook, Deco Puzzles, and lots of other bits and pieces on there at the moment

There’s the expression one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Well this definitely isn’t trash but it’s great to be able to pass on your old toys (Well it’s the kids) They aren’t playing with this one any more. It may get taken out … everything thrown around the place and left again and that’s about it. It’s big and it takes up space. Not to mention Charlotte needs funds for the Vide Greniers (Flea Markets) that should be starting up shortly.

The KN Buy and Sell group is rather small however (Roughly 1000 people).. that can be nice too as you may know the people you’ll sell to. If you’re looking for something a bit more specific you could always try Le Bon Coin. Furniture, Electric Goods, Clothes .. really you name it and you’ll find it on there. From second hand to commercial sellers. Key in the area you’d like and the distance from you. Sometimes if you’re willing to travel a bit you can pick up a bargain.

Le Bon Coin would be I guess the equivalent of Adverts.ie in Ireland or Craigs List?

Le Bon Coin

As with all things when buying second hand … it’s Buyer Beware!

It’s worth noting you can find loads of things on FaceBook Market Place as well these days.