Not everyone is as great a cook as I am … and modest too. (Just kidding, it just might not make sense to cook a big meal or you may not have an oven or you may just not like cooking. Most of my international students at the Ecole de Design won’t be getting home for Christmas)

The tradition for me growing up was always roast Ham and Turkey .. then roast potatoes .. stuffing … Brussels Sprouts … carrots and all the rest .. gravy … bread sauce … mint … The tradition in my mind also nearly always meant STRESS

These days we generally end up picking up a nice bird. No it’s generally not a turkey. They tend to be BIG and well it’s just the four of us so we don’t want to be eating for days. A nice bio grain fed guinea fowl can taste amazing. They’ll cook in an hour and a half to two hours as well so it’s not a case of having to get up at the crack of dawn!

The Bird Selection at SuperU

If you’re planning on doing your own Christmas Dinner you’ve still got time to pick something up. You’ll generally be paying 15 – 30 euro for a bird but keep an eye out.

If however you find yourself looking for some place to eat out? Why not take a look at Les Tables de Nantes for the 24th 25th and 31st and 1st of January.

Les Tables De Nantes

Just remember you’ll most definitely want to book!