Did you know there was a vote this morning on whether we should be back as part of Brittany? 

Many associations and groups want Nantes back in Brittany or should I maybe say Loire-Atlantique which is the department we’re in (within Pays de la Loire) 

At the end of November Bretagne réunie presented a petition with more than 100,000 signatures to the president of the department Philippe Grosvalet demanding reunification or at least discussions on the matter.

Loire-Atlantique was separated from Bretagne back in 1941 under the wartime Vichy government. 

The results of this mornings vote?  … out of 62 representatives .. 30 voted against … 13 voted for … 15 abstained and 4 didn’t take part in the vote.

In another vote however 55 officials have called for a referendum by the state. (However this pretty much holds no legal sway) 

Link https://www.presseocean.fr/actualite/loire-atlantique-les-elus-pour-une-consultation-mais-contre-le-rattachement-17-12-2018-289467