You may have been hoping for a Game of Thrones post but sadly that’s not the case.

In case you’ve not been outside recently … it’s cold! and it’s going to get colder next week starting Sunday night. The cold snap is happening as freezing air is descending upon us from Russia. The worst days are likely to be Tuesday and Wednesday, however the cold spell is likely to stick around for a week if not more. We’re looking at temperatures below 0C and it won’t get much warmer during the day.

Weather Temperature Forecast

The Apparent temperature is where it gets scary with humidity and wind chill becoming big factors.

Weather Temperature Forecast Perceived

Un épisode de froid prononcé est attendu la semaine prochaine.

À partir de dimanche 25 février, l’anticyclone va se renforcer sur la Scandinavie et diriger sur la France de l’air glacial en provenance de Russie. Mardi 27 et mercredi 28 février devraient être les journées les plus froides de l’épisode.

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