If you like Asian (Vietnamese) food I’m going to introduce you to another of my favourite places to eat in Nantes.

It’s called Yum Yum and yes it is Yum Yum!!!

Located at 2 Bis Allée Flesselles it’s very central (from Commerce head along the line 1 for 100 meters in the direction of the station / castle and it’s on your left)

Yum Yum

My photos are slightly old but that doesn’t change how nice the food is.

Yum Yum - Nems

Yum Yum – Pork Nems


Yum Yum - Loc Lac

Yum Yum – Loc Lac

Price wise I think it’s €9.50 for a main .. and for a main and a drink it’s €10

Starter / Main / Dessert for €12. I’ll have to update pricing in case it has changed the next time I’m in.

There isn’t much space inside but on a nice day it’s lovely sitting on the terrace out front. The only downside would be the wait time and you may find yourself waiting between courses. They’ve a small kitchen and a LOT of customers