So it’s Saturday and Christmas day is Tuesday … you’ve still not bought any presents …  what do you do … WHAT DO YOU DO?

Now of course you could go and buy a box of Roses or a Lynx deodorant gift set but you can’t find Roses here ( at least I’ve not found them ) and well that Lynx kit may just not be right for them! 🙂

So here are a collection of ideas for maps / books / comic books and shops where you can get some pretty cool Nantes / Nantes related or just local things.

First up is a pretty cool map that Val picked up before … the kids really loved following the map … it’s beautifully designed and you could easily end up framing it if you wanted to.

Julie Flamingo City Guide Nantes/

You can find it on the site of Julie Flamingo

You’ll known I mentioned the bookshop Durance the other day .. I’m going giving some amazon links here but if you’re in store you can pick them up too assuming they are in stock so …( I already own a number of these books so they are based on personal recommendations .. I don’t own all the books I link to but I’ve a number of them and love the history of Nantes) 

Why not try giving the gift of some local knowledge 

Looking for something for the older kids that’s informative but still fun? 

Do they or do you like comic books? Why not get the history of Nantes ( The first two books are out )

Do you know someone who loves cycling and wears skirts / dresses … could Le Poupoupidou be the answer to a bit too much exposure? (It’s another locally designed product) 

You’ve still got time however so you could get into some interesting local shops and pick something 🙂 

L’Atelier du petit parc (Home decoration)

Try the (Vintage / renovated / reconditioned furniture)

Last up … do you need to send some Happy New Year cards? Why not make something a bit more personal this year? and check out