Les Flâneries de Noël

This should really by my post for Friday but I’m giving you some advance warning as it starts this Friday.

Les Flâneries de Noël is on this weekend. It starts on Friday and runs through to  Sunday.

What is it ? It’s an artists / creators market. There’ll also be things happening for free for the public (You know when you find yourself lacking in the English words for Animations et Spectacles… THAT right now)

Trentemoult is well known for it’s artist’s community and for this market they end up opening up their doors / workshops and selling things. You’ll get to talk to the artists .. wander around the quirky little streets and probably have a great time. You won’t have to walk miles to visit the various places and hopefully you’ll pick up something nice.

Map of Les Flâneries de Noël

How do you get there? 

You can take the Shuttle Boat to get across which should make for one of the cheapest boat trips of your life 🙂 You can use your TAN card / or 1 hour tan ticket if you’ve still got time left on it. You can buy a ticket on the boat as well. If you’re taking the Line 1 Tram you can get off at Gare Maritime and head to the river where you’ll see the shuttle boat. They run every 10 – 20 minutes depending on the time of day.

Take the shuttle boat to Trentemoult

Of course I’m probably a bit biased on it all as I always end up calling in to a friend’s (Siobhan Gately) place when I find myself in Trentemoult and come away smiling and in a great mood.

Visit Siobhan's Place

I Love My Cat by Siobhan Gately

Could it be my cat obsession? 🙂

Hey Piggy Piggy

If you get the chance definitely check it out definitely do. A chance to buy some local products / art just in time for unique Christmas presents and to get to chat with the artists is kinda cool.

From the event page on Face book 

L’association Iles’Liens vous propose de flâner en bords de Loire les 7, 8 et 9 Décembre!
De Trentemoult à Basse-Ile, découvrez une cinquantaine d’artistes, artisans et créateurs qui vous accueillent dans les maisons, commerces et ateliers du quartier.

La New’s Fanfare déambulera le samedi et des promenades en calèches seront possible le dimanche.

Suivez les ours!