Also getting to the airport from Nantes!

You Are Here At The Airport

Assuming you don’t have friends who’ll give you a lift here are your options for getting to and from the airport.

Take a Taxi

We’ve probably all been there … you’ve got a headache … you’re running late and you can’t find the cheapest way to get to the airport. What’s this then? It’s a taxi and yes it’s probably the easiest option. It’s also going to cost you the guts of around 30€ give or take. ($37 dollars / £27 given current exchange rates). You’re able to grab a taxi from right outside the airport and they’ll be there most of the time. There’s also the taxi rank at the Train station and a few smaller ones dotted around the place. You could probably also opt for an Uber if you’ve got the app (and data). If you’ve got a load of baggage it might just be the most sane option for you.

The Airport Shuttle

The normal option most people take however is the airport shuttle or the  Navette Aéroport. This leaves from just outside the airport terminal and takes you to the train station and to Commerce (city centre) It’s going to cost you 9€ at the moment for a one way ticket.

You can buy the ticket from the driver on the bus..

The Nantes Airport Shuttle

It starts running from Commerce at 05:30 ( 06:15 Sundays and Bank Holidays / Jour Fériés)
From the Airport it starts at 06:15 ( 07:00 Sundays and Bank Holidays / Jour Fériés)

It runs until 22:30 ( 22:45 ) from Commerce.
From the Airport the last one leaves at 23:15

It’s pretty much every 20 minutes between these hours. It takes roughly 25 minutes to get to the airport.

Now once upon a time you could use a 1 hour ticket hop on and off at Neustrie but sadly that is no longer the case.

The Cheap Way!

Admit it, this is the real reason you’re here and you were hoping for this. If you’re not feeling too stressed and don’t mind a little bit of extra hassle you can take a normal bus and a tram.

Total cost means it’ll be around €1.50 (€2 if you have to buy the ticket from the driver)

You’ll find a ticket machine at “Distributeurs à l’arrêt, Relay H Hall 2 aéroport”. The cheapest option is to buy a carnet of 10 tickets (1 hour) which will cost €14.90. An individual ticket will cost €1.60. (You can also buy mobile tickets / mTickets via the Tan app on your phone, again you’ll need data and battery on your phone in case there are ticket inspectors.

The 1 hour ticket is valid for … you guessed it 1 hour. Make sure to stamp it as you get onto the bus (not before). You can hop onto the number 48 and then grab the tram all using the same ticket.

The line 48 route

The number 48 runs from Neustrie and stops at the Airport. Make sure to take it in the right direction (Leaving the airport … towards Neustrie … If going from Neustrie in the direction of Bélouga). You’ll want to check the website for any changes to hours. These change depending whether it’s school holidays (in France) or a Sunday.

The 48 Bus

Neustrie is the last stop for the Line 3 Marcel Paul <> Neustrie tram. It also stops in the city centre at Commerce where you can hop on the line 1 if you need to get to the Train Station.

It’s probably going to take you 45 minutes using this method. It’ll also depend if you manage to hit the tram and buses at the right time. If you just miss the 48 on the way to the airport you’ll have to wait 20 minutes for the next one.

Useful Links: Nantes Airport / (Nantes Public Transport) / SNCF (Trains)

Please Note: This post was last updated on the 3rd March 2018. You should  always check relevant websites if you need more up to date details.