I rely a lot on public transport in Nantes. When I head into the office in the morning in the city centre I’ll grab the tram line 1. When I head across to the design school where I’m teaching a bit I’ll grab the line 1 and then a bus the rest of the way. While the tram generally has quite a decent system for telling you when the next tram is coming you’re not always so lucky at the bus stops.

The main Tan app will help you to get from A to B and tell you the times at the stops (though it’s not always correct). You can buy mTickets and use them when you’re travelling and it’s quite handy.

However there’s nothing quite like wondering if you’ve missed the bus. Was it a few minutes early? Is it actually running today? Where is it? Are we there yet?

Enter the Zen Bus App.

Zen Bus App On Android

It gives real time info on the position of buses in and around the city. Is it perfect? Sadly no but it’s rather handy the few times I’ve used it. Unfortunately not all buses are included for example I believe only the C4 is on it (Not the other C lines that cross the city) You’ll have to take a look at it for the full list of buses available.

I’d mentioned previously that you can take the 48 at the airport to get to Neustrie and then the tram to get into the city bypassing the need for the more expensive shuttle bus. Well handily the 48 is on it.

Zen Bus Website showing the number 48 bus

The above image is taken from the Zen Bus website

The app for your phone is available for Android as well as for iOS and can be grabbed via the website http://zenbus.fr/

Android App Store For ZenBus