Didn’t I only just post one of these last year?

In the post the other day I again received a happy birthday message with a voucher. This time around I knew what I had to do … so over to the info desk yesterday at SuperU Dalby I went and hey presto the contents of the box are the below.

Slightly different from last year’s box but I suspect the kids will love making it again.

I must ask though why … why a pre-made mix *sighs* just add butter and eggs! So basically it’s a box of sugar and flour! (oh and chocolate powder) (I do understand why in terms of space in the birthday box and everything I just don’t agree with it) 😀

I need to make a cake for the office (a tradition in our office these days). It won’t be this one. It’ll either be a cheesecake (I’ve made Baileys cheesecakes in the past) … a Carrot cake … or maybe I’ll spice things up and try to make a coffee cake cus I have a craving for one of those hmm

Last year’s SuperU box